Ist auch der Dichter verstorben, seine Zunge verfault nicht.<br>Weisheit aus dem Sudan
So, I'm back for now... Somehow. I don't promise to update this site very often, so don't be too exited :P

The content is pretty much the same anyways, there is a blog now, but as I said: No regular updates expected..

Anyways, here is the main-content (in German, for the moment). My next book will be in English, but thats a long run I guess...

» Aufsatz zum Thema Traum für Herrn Lippmann «
» Snake in the Grass «
» Next Evolution «
» September Days «
» Todesfrost «
» Piqueteros «
» The Horsemen of the Apocalypse Always Ring Twice«
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Some "intellectual" stuff of mine

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