Scholar @doschwoebel

Some work I created during my studies so far. Not so fancy, yet ;-)

Browser- and Codec-Agnostic HTML5 Video-Streaming in the Wireless Video Sensor Network Platform - Master Thesis (University of Bamberg / Arizona State University - Ira A. Fulton School of ECEE, July 2014)

Face-to-Face Ad-hoc Networking on Android - Research Paper (University of Bamberg, Marcel Gro▀mann, Lukas A. Schwoebel, Udo R. Krieger - Faculty of Information Systems and Applied Computer Science)

Smart Pointers in C++ - Seminar Paper (University of Bamberg, Summer Semester 2012)

Model-Driven App Development for Mobile Platforms - Bachelor Thesis (TU Darmstadt, October 2011)

SpoVNet and Service Overlays - Seminar Paper (TU Darmstadt, Summer Semester 2011)

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